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I don’t usually ask people to do things like this, but please signal boost + donate if you can. This is a fund set up for my 2-year-old cousin Priya. She was born without a pulmonary artery, and just received her fourth open heart surgery after being flown from Minnesota to Stanford in California for the second time. From her page:

Priya and her mother, Christy, will be in California for over three months, the first part for observation to make sure they’ve stopped all the internal bleeding and the remaining to recover from her fourth open-heart to address the underlying pulmonary artery problem.

Please go to for more background. Her underlying problems stem from being born without a pulmonary artery and a number of other defects.  The surgeries are all to address those problems.  They have been making progress, but is a very complicated situation.

In 2013, Priya spent almost 6 months in the hospital in different situations including 24 hours in operating rooms.  This included the last 15-hour surgery at Stanford in October and November.  Before going to Stanford this year, she was in and out of the hospital four times from late April to late June.  In spite of that, she is a very joy filled little girl.  She lifts everyone’s heart and nurses compete to care for her.
Thank you!

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Helping to hold down a beta werewolf isn’t the only time in this episode that Stiles shows that he’s stronger than he looks.

When Stiles grabs the lacrosse stick, Coach Finstock takes a step back as he tries to pull it out of Stiles’ grip.  But Stiles jerks it back, using both hands, and then continues to hold on to it one-handed while Finstock keeps trying to pull it away. It’s only when he uses both hands—and Stiles shifts his focus entirely to the photo—that he takes it away from Stiles.

Finstock outweighs Stiles, he’s pulling the stick at an upward angle, and he’s in a position to shift his weight significantly. Stiles’ underhand grip and Finstock’s leverage advantage as he stepped back should have made it easy to take back the lacrosse stick.  But maybe he wasn’t pulling too hard for fear of hurting Stiles.

I might buy that, if he weren’t clearly using his leverage to yank back hard on the stick with one hand while the other is clamped around Stiles’ wrist in such a way that his fingers are pressing down on the tendons in the fourth gif.  That should have a) loosened Stiles’ grip and b) allowed Finstock to push Stiles’ hand down the stick.  (DON’T.  I know you want to, but DON’T.  Because EUW.)

Yet even with that much advantage, Stiles not only pulls the stick back, he does it with one hand.

Somehow, Stiles’, “Better,” seems a little ominous, all of a sudden…

Well, there are a couple of ways we can look at this.

1. The new body that the Nogitsune created in order to separate himself from Stiles came with additional perks such as enhanced strength and possibly healing.

2. Stiles was never fully human to begin with and is something else that isn’t a shifter or a banshee.

3. A side effect of being sacrificed to the Nemeton and tying it to themselves. Scott is more calm and centered than before (Scott also only fully actualized himself as an Alpha AFTER the bath dip), Allison was more badass and on target as well, and Stiles was more connected to the spiritual realm all in the aftermath of being sacrificed to the Nemeton.

4. As the Avatar of the Nemeton/Emissary to the Pack Stiles gets perks in addition to his ability to do magic-like things with Mountain Ash that we’ve only seen Druids do.

5. A combination of some or all of the above.

I’m mostly leaning towards the Stiles has always been something else theory. Because it’s not only after the nogitsne or nemeton that he shows this unusual strenght. In 3a when Scott wanted his tattoo, Derek told Stiles to hold Scott down. And he did. He managed to hold down a werewolf in agonazing pain - now an argument could be made that Scott was holding back in order not to hurt Stiles but I doubt that’s the reason considering Scott was in so much pain he fainted so most likely he was also in no condition to hold back anything.

Another case is in s02 with Derek in the pool - Stiles held someone with Derek’s build in the pool for 2 hours while treading water and constantly looking around for the kanima. Not an easy feet no matter how you slice it and I think normal humans wouldn’t have made it that long for sure.

Now we have him holding Liam with Scott (notice Scott alone can’t do it) - a factor probably is that this time Liam isn’t moon-crazy but just having a fit over his former classmate but still pissed-off werewolf and Stiles manages on the same level as Scott.

Next week we see him with Derek (who’s loosing power) trying to hold Brett still on Deaton’s table. Now their both struggling with the kid, but again Stiles is on the same level as Derek who may be loosing power but he hasn’t lost it completely yet, he’s still a werewolf - I would say he’s as strong now as Scott on an average day.

I’m sure there are more case where Stiles displays similar not-quite-human abilities but even just from these here, I’d say we have a pattern.

Stiles shattered a baseball bat over Voltron wolf. Just stop and think about the force required to do that for a moment.

The spark idea has been linked to this before — see here. I didn’t think there was quite enough evidence at the time, but it’s tipping more towards a supernatural explanation every episode.

I’ll add to the list of observations. During lacrosse try-outs Stiles looked not only calm about him missing the goal, but like he did it on purpose. The ball got right into the goalies’ stick net, right? And in 4.5 the ball got right into Kira’s stick net. Check her reaction, it wasn’t a repeat of Malia’s situation.

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Oh TECH supportI thought you said TREK support.

*sadly zips jacket up over starfleet uniform*

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Muggleborn students at Hogwarts (part 1/?)

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I’ve had a shittttttttttty day and was feeling very sorry myself. Luckily, I then hit this episode on my Whose Line re-watch. Thank God! Ryan is a ravenous boa constrictor, Colin is turned on by danger. Comedy gold. Enjoy!

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"It’s Been An Adventure, Mr. Fredricksen."

"Adventure Is Out There!"

Someone asked me to post these two companion pieces together so it was easier to reblog them.

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Japanese Lanterns (1895), Luther Emerson Van Gorder

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